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Housing HQ  Covid-19 Service Solutions

We are living and working in very strange circumstances right now, as we are isolating in our own homes as much as possible. But for some of the policyholders, isolating in their homes is not an option.  Due to damage at their home, they are facing the need to relocate temporarily using the Additional Living Expense portion of their policy.  This can seem especially stressful and intimidating in our world right now.

At Housing HQ we completely understand the NORMAL stresses of relocation, let alone the added problems of doing so during this Pandemic. The below Training Bytes Session addresses some of the ways we help you help them during this time of overlapping personal and global crises.

Our experience and knowledge will help you and your policyholders navigate the relocation process and here I will highlight 6 of our service solutions that help address the specific needs created by the pandemic in relation to temporary housing.


Here at Housing Headquarters we are all safely working from our homes and maintaining all contact and communication with your team members remotely. We are meeting with adjusters virtually, providing all our regular reporting and analysis, and offering enhanced training videos and webinars  — like this one – at this time.


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