Housing Headquarters + Itel

“The residence was a pleasant surprise. It was clean, nice furnishings and well stocked with adequately needed items.”


You’ve just experienced a terrible tragedy. We’re here to help. Housing HQ works with you and your family to settle you into temporary housing after your home has suddenly been made uninhabitable. Whether you’ve just experienced a fire, severe storm, tornado or other insured accident or natural catastrophe, we’ll quickly find you a place to live until you can move back into your own home.

To limit the additional stress to you, we take care of all paperwork and arrangements. Contracted by your insurance company, we work directly with them to coordinate the process and obtain necessary approvals.

We promise to:

Housing HQ’s policyholder process

To make sure your housing needs are met as quickly and smoothly as possible, we’ve developed the following process:

Step 1: “Night of the Incident” Contact

Within 15 minutes of being contacted by your insurance company, we’ll be in touch with you to explain how we’re going to help and determine your immediate needs.

Step 2: Instant Lodging™ Hotel Program

We’ll have you in a hotel that very night. We’ll arrange payment of the room and tax. Because you may not have ID, we’ll clear your check-in with the hotel in advance.

Step 3: Immediate Temporary Housing Search

Typically within one business day of receiving your claim, we will identify housing solutions for you to consider.

Step 4: Easy Move-In

Once you and your insurance adjuster have approved a home, we’ll move in all the necessities, including furniture, appliances and housewares—even special need items, like bed lifts or wheelchair ramps.

Step 5: Consistent Contact & Home Maintenance

Throughout your stay, we’ll be in touch with you to monitor your satisfaction. If something should go wrong, such as if the furnace breaks down, you can contact our 24-hour service line, and we’ll find a solution right away.

Step 6: Smooth Move-Out

Once you’re ready to move back in to your home, we’ll handle the move out details, from lease termination to furniture/appliance/housewares pickup and security deposit resolution.

Step 7: Feedback

We’ll ask you to fill out a quick survey to make sure we have provided the best temporary housing experience possible.