Housing Headquarters + Itel

“I wish to thank Sarah from the bottom of my heart for assisting me over the holiday and getting my family resettled.”

Housing HQ Temporary Housing Process

Our 4-step temporary housing process makes relocation easy for you and your policyholders.

Step 1. Contact Us With A Claim

Call 866.918.RELO (7356) or email NewLoss@HousingHQ.com

Please be prepared to tell us:

Within 15 minutes, we’ll call the family to let them know we are handling their housing needs and explain how the process works. We’ll also confirm any special needs at this time. We will begin searching for potential properties immediately.

Step 2: Approve the Budget

Before the family settles on any accommodations, you have the opportunity to approve the budget.

Once approved, we will:

Step 3: Approve Lease Extension or Termination

We track the lease dates and contact you approximately two weeks before notice is required, asking you to approve either extending or terminating the lease.

If the lease needs to be extended, we will:

If the lease is to be terminated, we will handle the move-out, including:

Step 4: Process Our Invoice

Upon your policyholders move-in at the temporary property, we’ll send you a detailed invoice that adheres to your approved budget for all ALE costs including hotel stay, monthly rental amounts, and any applicable deposits. Extensions will be invoiced as they occur.