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“I wish to thank Sarah from the bottom of my heart for assisting me over the holiday and getting my family resettled.”

Housing HQ Temporary Housing Services

As soon as we know your policyholder needs temporary housing, we call them and get the details. Typically within 24 hours of referral, we present housing solutions for the family to consider. Our extensive database features properties of all types, from single-family homes in the city to mobile trailers in rural areas, enabling our team to find a property that meets your approved budget.

Cost Savings

Thanks to the volume of business we do with landlords and vendors, we have pre-negotiated, discounted rates for the homes and furnishings you’ll need to rent for the families. In fact, we’ve found that the total cost for placing a family in a short-term rental home is often 50% less than the cost for placement in a hotel for the same period.

Flexible Length of Stay

On average, a typical stay is 3 to 6 months, though we can set up rental agreements for any length. We understand the unpredictability involved in home repairs, so we’ll check in with you two weeks before notice is due to see if you would like us to extend or terminate the lease. If the lease needs to be extended, we’ll make arrangements with the landlord. If the lease is to be terminated, we’ll handle the move-out and necessary paperwork.

Furnishings, Appliances & Housewares

Since most rental homes do not include furniture, we have a list of trusted suppliers that provide short-term rentals on all the furnishings the family will need, from beds, dressers, and couches to dining room sets, TVs, and appliances. We also provide housewares such as shower curtains, dishes and linens.

Special Needs & Requests

Does the family have pets? Have someone with a physical disability? Want to keep their kids in the same school district? We’ll take these factors into account when finding a temporary home. For policyholders with special physical needs, we can rent and set up such items as chair lifts, wheelchair ramps and more.

Home Maintenance

We’re there for the family throughout their stay. Should a problem occur, such as the rental homes furnace stops working, the policyholder can call our 24 hour service line and within 15 minutes, one of our team members will be on the phone with them
to help find a solution.

Relocation Made Easy

This is a difficult time for your policyholder and it can be a make or break situation for policyholder retention. We handle all the details from paperwork to coordination of furniture delivery and rental payments. You just need to approve the budget and any extensions. When the temporary housing begins or is extended, we’ll send you a detailed invoice that has been pre-checked to make sure it’s within your budget and contains only authorized costs.

24/7 Policyholder Support

Housing HQ’s Customer Service Department provides 24 hour service for policyholders, ensuring their needs are met any time of the day or night. Our entire staff works hard to facilitate the family’s smooth transition into the temporary residence, solve property-related issues, and make them feel comfortable during their stay.

Hassle-Free Experience

To make the process easier for the family, our team will: