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How We Solve The Top Temporary Housing Special Needs & Requests

Here is how we find temporary housing solutions for some of the more common special needs and requests...

For those people who have special physical needs, we can find homes that have the appropriate accommodations (such as chairlifts, bath safety bars, wheelchair ramps, bed lifts and more) or, if there's nothing available in the area, we can rent and install those items. Sometimes the solution is even easier, and it's just a matter of finding a home with single-floor living. We always make sure to talk to the policyholders and discuss their needs, so we can figure out the solution that works for them.

For a senior–who may have lived in their home for decades–being displaced can be an emotional and disorienting experience. Even more, if they're living on a fixed income, any discussion of expenses can be quite worrisome (even though most expenses associated with temporary housing are covered by their policy). So, we are careful to explain the process, detail what's covered and make sure they feel secure about their finances. We can also meet special requests such as finding a home near public transportation, placing them close to other family members or having us work closely with a family rep (provided permission has been given).

HALF of the policyholders we worked with last year had pets (so to some extent, maybe this is no longer a special request...). In fact, we helped find solutions for families with dogs, cats, birds, snakes and even pigs. We understand no one wants to board their pet, so we focus our search, starting with our sizable database, on rental homes that allow them.

Policyholders that work on their property usually want to be as close as possible to their premises. Typically, this implies farms or ranches in which the policyholder doesn't want to leave valuable crops, machinery or livestock unattended. But, as the Housing Story below illustrates, this can also be true of those working in home offices. In both cases, we'll search for temporary homes as close to the original home as possible, and in rural cases (in which available nearby rental homes may be scarce), we can also investigate the use of mobile home or travel trailer options.

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"Oh My Gosh!! Thank you! I cannot believe everything you sent. It makes me cry. I feel like we can get through this now and that there will be some normalcy and a return to routine. It is a good day. We so appreciate you."

A family's house, including their home office, was destroyed in a fire. So, they needed to find a nearby space that could double as both their temporary home and temporary office. We found them a house that was just a half-mile away and rented and moved in office furniture along with the usual home furnishings, enabling them to quickly get back to “business-as-usual”.

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