Housing Headquarters + Itel

“Brian has been an excellent resource during an unfortunate time. He has been positive and great to work with.”


Here is what adjusters and policyholders have said about Housing HQ just this year:

“My relocation specialist was always very knowledgeable and helpful.”

“I’d like to thank Sarah for everything she has done for me and my kids. It is very much appreciated.”

“My team at Housing HQ were very quick to return emails and phone calls which are so appreciated. With so many unknowns about our housing, it’s nice to have answers. Thank you!”

“Everyone has been very helpful and understanding.”

“Everything is very much appreciated. The gentlemen that delivered and set everything up were very nice.”

“My Housing specialist went above and beyond. She was great. The whole Company seems to be very organized.”

“The hotel and staff were great. Accommodations were very comfortable.”

“I love everything about the apartment. Housing HQ went well beyond what I thought was great service and communication and showed amazing services!”

“I’m extremely grateful that Housing HQ was there to help me back on my feet….”

“It’s very nice, and a great location and close to commute when the house is being built.”

“Very nice apartment. The community has great amenities.”

“Very nice. Owner accommodating with my three dogs.”

“Best part of a terrible situation so far.”

“The residence was a pleasant surprise. It is clean, nice furnishings and stocked adequately with needed items.”

“It has been a pleasure working with Housing HQ. The process went very smoothly, no delays or problems. We moved right in and work at our house began the next day. There was no way we could have stayed in our house during the work. Many Thanks.”

“I so appreciated my housing specialist and her caring nature through our whole process. She was heartwarming!”

“Brian has been an excellent resource during an unfortunate time. He has been positive and great to work with even while being overwhelmed with excess cases. I’m thankful to have worked with him.”

“Alex was always on top of things for us and with us. Made us feel somebody cared.”

“I wish to thank Sarah from the bottom of my heart for assisting me over the holiday and getting my family resettled. The team stepped up to the plate to get new furniture or like new furniture to us quickly. It allowed me to focus on other areas of the situation.”

“Josh is very helpful and he is a pleasure to work with.”

“It’s perfect!! So happy to be in such a great place while my house is in such a shambles!! Glad to come home to a very nice enjoyable space.”

“Thank you for contacting me at a time when I was displaced by the tornado and at a time when I had 100 things racing through my mind after the tornado hit. Placing me in a hotel was a pretty seamless transition during my distress. Thank you for providing a roof over my head while my house was renovated. Thank you for the prompt responses via e-mail or phone. Thank you for reaching out to me and checking up on my status. Thank you for being patient as the general contractors, adjuster and insurance company worked the claim process. Thank you for being there for me during a stressful time in my life.”

“The rental has been a great change for my wife and me. We love that you were able to get us out of the hotel and into the condo that was found. Everyone from Housing HQ has gone above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of! I wish that all of the other businesses were as helpful as you and your team are.”

“We want to thank you and your whole team for working with us as advocates and negotiators. You made a very difficult year a bit less crazy. Please give my regards to my housing specialist, whose advice in the first weeks of our displacements was invaluable. Deciding on a rental space that we could live in for the long haul was the best choice we could have made.”

“Wow. Response time was instantaneous. I heard from Housing HQ within 30 minutes of my first call to my insurance company. My Hotel Rep was clear and professional. She got us into a hotel close to our home that is clean, had good amenities, and accepted our pets! She did these even though it was just before Memorial Day weekend when all the hotels are full. The place was perfect. Then, she checked in regularly, making sure we got in, extending the stay as was necessary, and making sure we knew when to check out. I guess the thing that I liked the most was her attitude. Helpful, explanatory, and upbeat. She’s a good one, you need to keep her.”

Adjuster Testimonials:

“Just wanted to send you a big Thank You and also asked for an email for your Senior Management team. I would like for them to know how much we appreciate the partnership and the professionalism of your team.”

“With Housing HQ I always know ‘It’s taken Care Of.'”

“Just wanted to pass on a huge thank you to your team. They have taken care of our Policyholder, and the family is sure to tell me so, every chance they speak with me. They are highly impressed with how quickly you guys found something for them. So, please pass on the ‘kudos’ to everyone working on this claim for us. It’s very much appreciated.”

“You guys did great job, Mike was very proactive and calling/emailing me for extensions, which I appreciate. It helps me stay on top of my files, as we all have a lot going on and it is a good reminder to check on the ALE for those clients.”

“My first time using Housing HQ was this week and I have to say that your company’s prompt email communication makes me want to keep using Housing HQ.”

“Recently I worked with Mike and Josh on a file and I was extremely pleased with their professionalism and good work. It was a pleasure to work with Housing HQ and I—and my insureds—greatly appreciate your work. I will be continuing to give you business!”