Housing Headquarters + Itel


What hotels are utilized?

Housing HQ is not tied to any specific hotel chains. We work to provide the hotel that makes the most sense in each situation. We will discuss specific hotel needs and locations with the policyholder prior to making a reservation. If the family has pets, we look for pet-friendly locations. If there are mobility issues, we will look for a hotel room that meets the specific requirements. If there are young children, we will look for suites that have the appropriate space. We always try to locate families in rooms with a kitchen in order to provide a greater level of comfort and reduced ALE expenses.

What if the hotels are all booked?

Yes, sometimes it can be an extreme challenge to find a hotel room. Sporting events, local college events, conferences, conventions, etc. can use up all the available space in an area! If this is the case, we will work with the policyholder to find the closest possible hotel, then move them to a more convenient location as soon as rooms become available. We do have relationships with most hotel chains that can allow us to reserve rooms even if everything appears to be booked.

What about pets?

We know which hotels allow pets, and which have size or breed restrictions. If a family has pets, we will locate a hotel that will let them be taken along.

What happens if the family requires an accessible room?

We work with the family to discover what types of accommodations are needed, and will find a hotel that meets their needs. If hotels are extremely limited, we can look at other types of quick move-in properties such as corporate housing or even assisted living apartments that might work.

How does hotel check-in work?

As soon as we have the reservation ready, we will notify the family of the confirmation number and check-in time at the hotel. The family can just go to the front desk with their name and confirmation number and get their room keys. Typically we can have reservations set within 30 minutes. Hotel check-in time may not be until about 3:00pm, but we will request an early check-in if possible.

What hotel costs does Housing HQ cover?

While the family is in the hotel, Housing HQ will cover all approved room and tax charges, including pet fees or parking fees if approved by the adjuster. Typically, the policyholder is responsible for any incidental charges such as movies, room service or other in-room purchases. The hotel will likely require a credit card to hold on file in case they do charge anything to their room. If the family is unable to provide their own credit card, we will work with the family to find other solutions.

What if the family needs more time in the hotel?

We can only authorize payment for the hotel for the time-period approved by the adjuster. We will contact the family and the adjuster prior to the check-out date to see if extensions are needed.