Housing Headquarters + Itel

“Housing Headquarters was very quick to return emails and calls which was so appreciated. With so many unknowns about our housing, it’s nice to have answers. Thank you!”

Housing HQ Hotel Placement Services

Fast Accommodations

Our Instant Lodging™ Service will place your policyholder in a local hotel the night of the incident. We typically have a reservation fully confirmed within 30 minutes, so the family can be settled into their room within the hour.

Pre-Negotiated Rates

Thanks to our relationship with preferred hotel chains across the country, we can provide your customers with a room that same night, often with a kitchenette. And because we have pre-negotiated rates, the costs are usually discounted, saving you money in the process. We will even find housing that accommodates pets, eliminating the need to pay additional boarding fees while allowing four-legged friends to remain with their families.

Helping the Family

Within 15 minutes of your contacting us and approving the hotel budget, we’ll be in touch with the policyholder to explain our process. We’ll handle check-in and payment of the room and tax. We even coordinate with the hotel so the policyholder may not need to present ID and credit card, since these items may have been destroyed.

Beginning the Search for a Temporary Home

Instant Lodging™ is a short-term solution. For longer stays (1 month or greater), the family might be more comfortable if they can stay in a temporary home. This also helps lower your cost — often significantly! With your approval, we’ll begin the search immediately, and within 24 hours we’ll typically have a potential housing solution.

Report a Loss

Click Here to report a loss and submit an Instant Lodging™ Request or call 866.918.RELO (7356). We’re available 24/7/365 and guarantee someone will talk to your policyholder within 15 minutes of being contacted.