Housing Headquarters + Itel

“The hotel was perfect for our family of four and our dog. I so appreciated my housing specialist and her caring nature through our whole process. She was heartwarming!”


1. You Contact Housing Headquarters


866.918.RELO (7356) Calls are monitored 24/7/365.

Housing HQ Mobile App — iTunes Store click here

Housing HQ Mobile App — Google Play click here

Submit a “new loss” form for emergency housing service.

2. Housing HQ Contacts the Family.

We operate 24/7/365, so no matter when, we’ll be in touch with the family within 15 minutes of being contacted by you.

3. Housing HQ finds the right housing accommodations for the family.

4. Housing HQ makes sure the hotel costs meet your budget.

5. Housing HQ Provides the Hotel With the Required Payment Authorization Forms.

Housing HQ pays the hotel costs and then direct bills the insurance company without bothering the family.

6. Housing HQ Makes it Possible to Check in Within 30 Minutes.

Typically within 30 minutes, we give the family the information they need to check in, and we make sure the process goes smoothly.

7. Housing HQ follows up Regularly With the Family and Extends Their Stay as Needed.

If they need temporary placement for more than a few weeks, we can start looking for longer-term housing options with your approval.